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Interface ProjectionOptions

Options that influence how the DOM is rendered and updated.




Optional eventHandlerInterceptor

eventHandlerInterceptor: function

May be used to intercept registration of event-handlers.

Used by the Projector to wrap eventHandler-calls to call scheduleRender as well.


The name of the property to be assigned, for example onclick


The function that was registered on the VNode


The real DOM element


The whole set of properties that was put on the VNode


The function that is to be placed on the DOM node as the event handler, instead of eventHandler.

Type declaration

    • (propertyName: string, eventHandler: Function, domNode: Node, properties: VNodeProperties): Function | undefined
    • Parameters

      • propertyName: string
      • eventHandler: Function
      • domNode: Node
      • properties: VNodeProperties

      Returns Function | undefined

Optional namespace

namespace: string

Only for internal use. Used for rendering SVG Nodes.

Optional transitions

transitions: TransitionStrategy

A transition strategy to invoke when enterAnimation and exitAnimation properties are provided as strings. The module cssTransitions in the provided css-transitions.js file provides such a strategy. A transition strategy is not needed when enterAnimation and exitAnimation properties are provided as functions.


Optional styleApplyer

  • styleApplyer(domNode: HTMLElement, styleName: string, value: string): void
  • May be used to add vendor prefixes when applying inline styles when needed. This function is called when styles is used. This function should execute domNode.style[styleName] = value or do something smarter.


    • domNode: HTMLElement

      The DOM Node that needs to receive the style

    • styleName: string

      The name of the style that should be applied, for example transform.

    • value: string

      The value of this style, for example rotate(45deg).

    Returns void

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